We Buy, Sell and Refurbish Vintage Costume Jewelry

We buy old costume jewelry for the purpose of helping our large network of private collectors find special treasures they've been seeking to add to their collections.  We also repair select pieces to bring them back to life and back to the collectible marketplace.  And last but not least, we also make jewelry, and will often find usable components in old and/or broken vintage costume jewelry which is beyond repair.

We will look at all vintage costume jewelry (yes, even broken parts and pieces).  If you have old costume jewelry you'd like to turn into cash, please contact us using the form below.  If you have photos of the jewelry you'd like to sell, you can email them to me at jai@jaisjewels.com

Let me know the price you are asking for the jewelry you're selling.  Please keep in mind, we resell jewelry to collectors who are seeking their special treasure.  We do not pay collectors prices for the jewelry we buy.  If you want top dollar for your old jewelry, it's best if you sell it to collectors yourself.  If you don't have a price in mind, we can make you an offer and you can decide if you wish to accept the offer.

Due to budget constraints, prices asked, and marketability, we buy less than 35% of the jewelry submitted to us.  However, we'd still love to hear from you and take a look at what you want to sell!

We will need to physically inspect your jewelry before any payment is made.  If you live near Jackson, TN where we're located, we will be happy to set up a time to meet with you if your description of the jewelry and/or photos meets our needs.  If you live elsewhere, we will request you send us the jewelry via insured priority mail for inspection. 

While we will attempt to give you a price range before you send the jewelry to us for inspection (we can only quote a price range beforehand if you provide photos via email), after inspecting the jewelry, the final price offered may vary.  The price we agree to pay depends on condition of the jewelry and/or whether or not we definitely have a use for broken parts/pieces from jewelry that's not in great condition.

Should we come to a price agreement on the jewelry you have sent to us, we will keep the jewelry and either mail you a check or make payment to your Paypal account if you use that service.  If we cannot come to a price agreement, or if we decide we do not want to purchase the jewelry you've sent, we will return the jewelry to you, via priority, insured mail at our expense.

    If You're Interested in Selling Your Old Costume Jewelry, Please Fill Out This Form: